Topic 1: Reflection

Topic 1 asked me to engage with Prensky’s digital native and immigrant theory and then the theory of resident and visitor. This topic really opened my eyes to the online world as I never really considered how I used the internet and made me really think about my personal use as well as that of the wider online world. I drew on the world of YouTube and that of Casey Neistat due to the ease of access and what to me was obvious that these theories still remain a little blurred. It is more of a specialised world, with interconnection between different platforms and online uses.

However, it isn’t just specialisation that disproves this theory. Reading across all the other blogs I discovered different points of view that I hadn’t considered. One thing was how wide residence theory can go and it isn’t just the basic ones i.e. Facebook  but can be things like online banking, it isn’t just where you put your personality but where you occupy online. I discovered this in Hei Lam’s blog, which covered points that I simply hadn’t considered or thought of.

The realisation from Hei Lam’s blog was then built on into Claire’s blog in which she spoke about how people can split their personality online and therefore you cannot put people in these ‘boxes’ and instead a sliding scale is essential and was a main part of the White and Cornu theory which makes it so much better. This related to my life quite well due to the fact that as a student my life is very much dominated more by the social as opposed to the professional. But there is still a small bit of me online, such as using sussed, which mean there is still an online personality split for me.


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