Is there more then one of me?

Online identity? We scatter ourselves across so many online spaces, but is that a good thing? From Facebook, to your Google searches these all make up your online identity and define you in the online world.

My life online is split massively over different platforms, with different personas in different places. This is because different platforms are used for different things. Therefore I have many different ‘identities’.

Which leaves me to question who am I?


The chart shows the profiles I have online and the different ‘personalities’ I therefore have. They will all give a different view of me and show me in a different light to one and other Each one shows a different part of me, and is ultimately a specialised platform to demonstrate different parts of you. E.g. LinkedIn is for the professional social networking and Facebook more personal. This is a good thing as it means that you are able to separate out different parts of yourself and not let one interfere or detract from the other.

However, there are issues.

Corrine Weisgerber looks into this idea of separation of identity further and sees it as a way in which you are playing up to what is expected of you on a platform. You are playing to an audience instead of being yourself and this is true. Because looking at these identities individually you have a minimal amount of time to sell yourself to a potential ‘follower’ or ‘friend’. Therefore you put your best foot forward and put a part of you that is positive and get that extra follower, which takes away from your true personality in the real world.

Angela Thomas paints the same sort of picture in which you are like an avatar moving through space. You present this avatar and customise to make it the most attractive to the platform in which you are within, you are omitting parts of your personality and leaving them out to create a perfect you. It isn’t until you gather all your different online personalities together until you finish the puzzle and see your full personality, and that means that judging character online is harder, as there is always something missing.

Which leads me to ask, are the people we see online their actual self or just the parts of their identity they want us to see?



6 thoughts on “Is there more then one of me?

  1. Hi Joe,

    Overall this is a brilliant blog post that summarizes the topic and points covered very well.
    I particularly like the chart, it’s very original and helpful for readers.
    I also like the fact that you’ve used the leading question at the end of the post – it really got me thinking.

    One improvement I would suggest would perhaps be including some more positives surrounding online identities and how they can benefit others.

    A really intriguing second blog post though, well done!


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