Has Privacy gone too Far?

In this modern world we are taught to private everything online and not let anyone have the excuse to expose you (Greenwald, 2014). However my question is how far is too far?

Zac’s blog caught my eye this week. It was about the world of football and mainly focused on discrimination. I agreed with everything he said about sensitive issues and the way in which football fans conduct themselves. But then I also thought how far should this go? When will every issue be satisfied?

Applying the same ethos, teachers and privacy settings can be hard to determine when to stop. I raised that its not really fair that teachers should have to put forward a half image of themselves to protect them from student searches. Yet how far should they go? When thinking about it everyone is conforming to this state of putting up walls when they are online and its creating a disconnect, when being online is suppose to connect us more deeply.

Harry’s blog talks more about the access to technology, but does that really matter when in reality being online creates a small advantage? When thinking about it but doesn’t really change much as we are increasingly becoming disconnected and worrying about the consequences of being online, as oppose to embracing.

It is increasingly becoming clear that to ‘stand out from the crowd’ which is what a lot of employers look for my be as easy as just being more open and not scared. Why does it matter if theres a picture of you with a drink? Your of legal age and everyone is free to enjoy a drink so it can’t be held against you. In my opinion the fear of whats online has taken over actually enjoying what we have access to and using it.

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  • Feature Image
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