Is Piracy Positive?

My comments looked into the disparity between different industries and how open access is different within both. I challenged Will, asking whether he saw the music and academia open access issues as being under the same umbrella. I also challenged Davina in the same way, with open access in academia being needed whereas in media it is less important. This moulded my view and made me think more about the world of media and how piracy may not be such a bad thing, looking at the whole industry as a whole.

Piracy is a tricky area. It is seen as negative as well as positive. In the lecture last week a debate was struck up about piracy and free to watch movies and whether this was good or bad. One side is positive because it can act as a ‘try before you buy’ and the negative as it doesn’t reward the work of others.

Me? I’m leaning more towards the it being relatively positive. Ed Sheeran said he didn’t mind his album ‘+’ being file shared (Renshaw, 2012) as it it one way of spreading his music. And I agree it is definitely a good platform for these figures to begin to build up a presence and develop themselves.

All forms of media appears to be about the money these days. Ticket prices of the cinema are rising (Pa, 2015), music is getting more expensive to enjoy (Sullivan, 2013) and Neflix proposing a 25% increase in price (Munbodh, 2016). I’m not surprised that piracy is so popular. In my opinion the price of consuming media has become to much so consumers have to adapt to continue to enjoy these outlets without being punished to do so, creating piracy to rise. In my opinion the paywall is to high in media for what you get in return.

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