Logging out of UOSM 2033!

Before taking this module I believed I knew all there was about the online world. How naive I was, even what I know now  is the tip of the iceberg. Below is a showcase of my journey during this module:


My journey has developed my online skills and that is shown through my results on the self-test.


As you can see there has been significant improvement in my online capabilities, and my understanding of the online world. There’s been a 41% increase in my online understanding and has left me feeling confident working within an increasingly online world.

I have developed my online presence over the course of the module, nearly doubling my instagram use, being more active on twitter and developing my skills  in written language and video creation. The part of my online profile that has  developed the most is my professional profile, as I am currently in the process of applying for jobs.  My LinkedIn profile has had a facelift and I am using to connect with that world. Topics 2, 3 and 4 brought this to my realisation. There’s  a need to have an online presence to be in with a chance of getting roles, Stuart Herbert points out that more employers are looking online for future employees.

But its not just being online that matters, its the way you’re online that really matters. That’s why I developed my profiles in a way that displays me in the best light but not as someone without any character. This video on job hunting online really helped me and was the start of learning how to portray showcase myself best. Before the module I used the online world to connect socially, but know I realise there more to take advantage of. Its a place where you can unlock your potential and start YOUR life.

Looking to the future


As previously mentioned I am currently in the process of looking for a job. Above I’ve created a Piktochart of the skills I’ve learnt during this module, and these will help me massively in what I want to do next, which is marketing. These tools will benefit me in the marketing world and will also help me stand out from the crowd as these skills aren’t commonly found or developed upon in other university courses. I see the world of marketing moving quickly towards being online and this is where I will be ahead. I already have 3 months experience in marketing JoeBurkeBlogs as a brand, in which I have had international viewership. This module has helped me identify a career I will really enjoy and equipped me with some of the skills to be successful!

Final Thoughts

I have had amazing fun on this module, and as I’ve said its truly been life changing for me personally. Its developed my skills, but also uncovered passions I never knew I had, I would definitely highly recommend this course to anyone.

The internet is taking over the world and everyone should take advantage!

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